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Looking for a Job?

Looking for a Job?

Job hunting is on the rise in South Africa & people are desperate to find work.

As most of us know by now that the unemployment rate in South Africa is at an all time high which has sent alarm bells ringing all over the country. Retrenchment packages have been issued out , Recruitment Agencies have felt the ‘low tide’, companies have folded and people have been left without work. According to a recent article taken from Business Tech (1) 23 June 2020, The unemployment rate in South Africa has climbed to 30.1% and still climbing! This has undoubtedly attributed to the panic and depression that so many people have succumb to. But with the high numbers of unemployment out there is there still hope of job hunting with any success?


As the old saying goes, “when there is a will there is a way“, and SA’s Got Answers will always leans on taking the optimistic approach in times of distress. This is why we have decided to give some suggestions, tips and links to aid those desperately trying to find work.

In order to move forward you will need to get rid of any negative or cynical mindedness and adopt a positive mental attitude which sound difficult right? Not if you take the right steps forward.

  1. Remain calm, keep your head up and boost your confidence levels.
  2. Take everyday as it comes but make sure you make the most of it by remaining focused and productive
  3. Turn a deaf ear to any negative conversations or media that relates to stealing your confidence in job Hunting.
  4. Time to dream again and write those goals down.

If you have being recently retrenched this may be a good chance for you to find that dream job you have always wanted, or move into a new season of personal growth or even now may be the chance to take your career into a new direction! Job Hunting, as unpleasant as it might be too many, can also create a stream of opportunities for you. Well jobs are tight right now, there is still plenty of jobs being advertised and opportunities for people to start their own business using their entrepreneur skills and innovation.

Where to Begin?

Firstly, decide if you would like to start your own business or look for work instead. If you are going the route of starting your own business then its time to get the ball rolling and start planning. If you are deciding to look for work then it’s time to get that CV updated!

Your Resume:

A great way to boost your confident levels is to get your CV updated and record all your skills, experience and responsibilities. Most of us feel good after we actually see on paper our value and experience, it simply boosts the positivity in us.

Its important to edit your CV with modern templates and structure it efficiently. Below is some useful links to guide you on creating your CV:

If you would like to use a free template, here are a few links below aswell (otherwise you can always do a google search online for more) (PAID OPTIONS ASWELL)



Below is a list of the top 3 ways to get your CV out there. And making use of the online portals is a great way to gaining exposure and possible connections.

Social Platforms:

One of the most effective means is by making use of the many Online Social platforms. You can upload your CV and apply directly to Job adds or you can be head hunted by Recruiters or Companies that view your profile.

tipThis is why it is important to create a professional profile and CV, something that stands out and is clear about your Career skills and experience.

Here are some online Portals you can use and create a profile:

  1. Pnet
  2. Career Junction
  3. Careers 24
  4. Indeed
  5. Job Mail
  6. Best Jobs
  7. The Jobs Portal

If you have a LinkedIn profile you can also search for jobs online and even connect with company groups or network with others for leads or positive connections in order to apply for work.

Direct Approaching

Direct approaching is when you have singled out a Company that you would like to work for and you contact them directly. In other words you send your cv directly to their HR manager or owner or email portal ect. This can be done by email.

Tip-If you send an email, make sure to include a paragraph (short and sweet) on why you would like to work for them. For more advise on this be sure to check this link out kmjdkdkdkd.

Another way is the old school way of rocking up at a companies premises and handing in your CV. This is not always the best approach, as either your CV will get lost between other paperwork there and forgotten or you may just simply not get any positive communication. It is sometimes best to do your homework and find out who the most relevant person is that you need to speak to and arrange a meeting or ask for them by name when ‘popping into the office’ at reception. This can also be achieved by simply ‘Cold Calling’, and talking to the relevant person about why you would like to join their company and if there are any vacancies available? And remember even if they say there are not, simply respectful respond by saying, “May I Send you my CV on email anyway so that you have it on record.”

Recruitment Agencies:

Finally another popular way is going through a recruitment Agency. There are many Agencies and you can simply contact them and discuss with their team about getting your CV on their ‘records’, as some Agencies may require you to fill in documentation or send your CV to their email portals and so forth. Just know that a Recruitment Agency is not there to find you a Job but rather fill a Job they have open for their customer’s and there is a big difference. It’s good to ask questions and find out what jobs they are currently working on and see if any of those will be of interest to you.


Remain positive in your quest for job hunting! Stay persistent, don’t be discouraged if many doors close there is bound to be a door that will open for you. Get your CV updated, create that professional profile, upskill yourself with some online courses while you wait (eg-Udemy) and research (or simply ask the SA’s got Answers Community) tips and suggestions or leads and keep moving forward.

Disclaimer: The information displayed or views expressed on this website page is for educational purposes only and is therefore not intended as professional advise, therefore information given or views expressed is not a guarantee of assured results but merely the usage of sharing general information and we encourage our readers to research on their own. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. SA's got Answers is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers.

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