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Apply For UIF

Apply For UIF

Retrenched! How do I apply for Unemployment Insurance Fund?

With retrenchment on the rise in South Africa, it’s no wonder that so many of us are feeling unsettled or nervous. While some of us may still have a job to go to everyday, it’s still a possibility that retrenchment might be around the corner due to the state of our economic situation, which is leaving everybody on edge right now. So with all the strenuous thoughts and emotional stress being experienced, a lot of us are feeling the weight of what it feels like to be ‘jobless’ and not knowing what to do.

Well from a positive point of view, sometimes the grass is greener on the other side and what may present itself initially as a catastrophe may actually be a blessing in disguise or a venture into a new season. Now being retrenched is not a pleasant thing, but it can open new avenues of opportunities for you to explore!

So while you are ‘job hunting’ you still have the stress of putting bread on the table and having bills to pay right? So why not make use of UIF?

Stay calm and gather yourself to optimizing your situation to the best possible outcome, by registering for UIF.

Official website


Firstly make sure you have being paying your UIF monthly contributions by looking at your pay slip ensuring that it has being reflecting correctly. This is important as it qualifies you to receive the UIF benefits since you have been rightly contributing each month.


Register your UIF claim

  • Make your way to your nearest department of Labor facility and join the line…(Get there earlier to avoid standing for hours! Also, make sure you have water and some form of shade, such as a cap, if the sun is hot and perhaps a camping chair for comfort)
  • Your employer must issue you with a Section 189 letter/UI-19 as soon as possible. This form you will need with you.
  • Make sure that your bank (the bank where your salary has being paid into) completes the UI-2.8 form with you. This form is for authorization purposes for your UIF claim to be paid into your account.
  • Bring your 13 Digit Barcoded I.D or passport (make a copy just in case)
  • Further instructions will be giving to you from the staff at the facility, and they should advise from then on.

Once you have completed everything you should receive a checklist form from one of the staff members there and they should indicate your next date of visit. You will have to ensure that you go to the Department of Labor on the appointed dates giving to you. If you are unable to make those dates you better get a sick certificate and take it with you the next day or so.

You can also register online after you have being from your visit –Register here.

I hope that this may be to your assistance and that you may benefit from this. But for more information be sure to browse the Government site directly for more information-

By applying for UIF it may take a weight off your shoulders and give you one less thing to worry about, beside your focus needs to be on your new adventure of job hunting, remember to stay positive , confident and optimistic. Get your CV updated and make use of the many platforms online for Job Seekers. SA’s got Answers wishes you all the best!

Disclaimer: The information displayed or views expressed on this website page is for educational purposes only and is therefore not intended as financial advise. All information given or views expressed is not a guarantee of assured results but merely the usage of sharing general information and we encourage our readers to research on their own. 
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