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Purchasing a car

Purchasing a car


Looking for a new car? Should I go Brand new or 2nd Hand? Should I trade in my current car or sell privately? Should I save or go through Vehicle finanacing? Are these some of the questions you are asking yourself?

Here is some information that may influence your decision making:

Financial Budget

If you are going the option of purchasing a car as a private sale or through a dealer you need to know the budget you are prepared to spend. Private Sales may require that you pay the full amount or may offer a month to month installment agreement (usually rare) or if going through a dealership you can either purchase a car cash or in most cases choose installments. Take note that if you are going to buy a car cash always take security in to consideration as you need to know what you are getting yourself into, check if it’s not a scam or be vigilant on where you need to view the car (ie area safe? legit.). If you are going to purchase a private preowned car keep in mind that dependent on your budget you more than likely are going to spend more to maintain the car or spend additional fees to improve the car. In other words if you only have a budget of R50 000 and you can only afford a car with high mileage your more than likely will have to pay additional service fees, replacements of breaks, tyres, shocks ect. This is why most recommend that you go through a dealership as you can get a maintenance plan with the deal and have service contact with the dealership and avoid the ‘voet stoets” of private sales. 


This option is the more common choice to go for as most South Africans do. There are many good deals out there and every now and then you will come across a bargain!

Below is a list of sites that you can search on to purchase a pre -owned vehicle.


Going through a dealership is always the safest option with guaranteed customer service and usually good after sales. Depending if you have the budget or not, purchasing a brand new vehicle is always the best route to take as you are the first owner, you get a maintenance plan (means less additional spending  in the long run) and of course you get warranty on your vehicle.

Some dealerships offer financial assistance or otherwise you can get financial assistance from a Bank. There are many options to choose on how you are going to purchase the vehicle such as deposit, installment agreement, period of months, cash deposits ect.

Here are links to some of the more popular specialized dealerships:

What to look out for when viewing a Pre-Owned Vehicle:

  • Check the mileage always (the higher the mileage the greater the risk of future problems)
  • ask the owner if the car vehicle has been involved with any accidents and if so is there any structural dame( always inspect the car and look for body damage)
  • Check to see if there ae any oil leaks under the vehicle or where it has been standing (any oil leak is a red flag)
  • Check to see if the exhaust has any holes in it
  • When starting up the vehicle check that is starts immediately, that the RPM is on track when idling and that the temperature gauge is not overheating.
  • Test drive! trust your gut and ‘feel’ for the drive.
  • Take a Mechanic you trust with you to give you a second opinion when inspecting the car with you.

Disclaimer: The information displayed or views expressed on this website page is for educational purposes only and is therefore not intended as financial advise. All information given or views expressed is not a guarantee of assured results but merely the usage of sharing general information and we encourage our readers to research on their own. 
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