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Medical aid

Medical aid

Things to consider when picking Medical Aid for you and your family

When it comes to choosing the right Medical Aid for you and your family it’s essential to understand exactly what your needs are, the budget you’re prepared to spend and what option is best suited for your needs.

With so many various schemes it can be quite easy to get caught up in the maze of indecisiveness and uncertainty. Well most of us usually pick the Medical Aid that our Company is using due to the portion that they contribute, making it easier to decide, but for those of us that would like to have an option or go private it becomes a matter of personal choice.

So often many of us pick Medical Aid’s based on our friends or family recommendations, but as rightly intended this may be it’s not always the wisest choice to ‘go with the Flow’. Recommendations can only be based on individual needs and requirements, in other words what’s good for your neighbor might not be good for you. You will find you have different needs or requirements such as the need for chronic medication or Maternity benefits etc.. So picking the correct Medical Aid cover is important for you!

Tip- A good way to compare is to pick 3 Medical Aid’s and call each of them and ask the same questions and compare the differences.

Here’s some tips, advise and guidance that may be of use to you.

Firstly, let’s take the following into consideration:

What is my budget?

Does the medical Aid offer choice of private Hospitals and if so is one of those hospitals near my place of residence or work?

What are their most popular benefits and schemes and is it relevant to my needs?

Doctor visit’s? Do they allow the choice of my own GP?

What is their Savings plan? And how much of that am I going to actually make use of?

Do I need a scheme that covers Chronic medication?

Maternity Benefits? (If you planning on having a child any time soon)If so, Again, Hospital of choice?

What is their waiting periods if I join and when will the cover start?

Additional or extra benefits that would appeal to me?

Service levels? Is this Medical Aid easy to deal with, call, or make communication with? What are their service levels like friendly, confusing or unhelpful? (i.e.. Hello Peter…)

Secondly, do your research!

Doing research may seem tedious and who has the time for that now days? But none the less research is probably the most important aspect as it will give you a better understanding of what they offer. You can search on google, call in to speak to a consultant or use source providers such as (They usually give you the comparison’s with pricing)

Tip: If you decide to go the route of speaking to a consultant, always make sure you ask as much questions as possible until you really get a grasp of what they are providing.

Medical Aid vs Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance: This has more to do with affordable premiums which means that anyone can benefit from it. It is also more than likely an option to choose when focusing on major life events such as paralysis, Stroke’s, accidental injuries or major illnesses. Medical Insurance will cover you for a certain amount relating to Hospitalization or operations etc.. This Scheme is usually a more affordable option as it can be around as little as R150 per month.

Medical Aid: This is more based on Membership and having a Savings plan that offers Financial Cover for medical treatment and expenses such as expenses relating to Medication or GP visits, dependent if you decide to go for comprehensive cover or not. Medical Aid focuses on membership and charge per member (this is where thing can seem to get quite pricy), which can start usually around R1000 or more per member.

Gap Cover: Gap Cover is a extra insurance policy that you can get from a third party company. Gap Cover offers shortfall cover if your medical Aid cannot fully cover the charge of expenses. It’s not a bad idea to select Gap cover as it can be useful when wanting to cover additional expenses such as hospitalization fess, pregnancy fees, operations ect. In other words Gap Cover assists to eliminate or potentially reduce your own ‘out of the pocket’ expenses.

Did you know?

All Medical Aids in SA are governed by the  Medical Schemes Act,.
This modulates the industry in ensuring that integrity,equality and the sla’s are in line with this ACT.

South African Popular Medical Aids:

  • Bonita’s
  • Discovery
  • Healthcare
  • Best Med
  • Key Health
  • Momentum
  • Medihelp
  • FedHealth
  • Profmed

There you have it! A kick start into the right direction. SA’s got Answers aspires that you have some useful knowledge to assist you with making the correct choice when  picking the right Medical Aid scheme. So don’t procrastinate, go out and do some research and pick the choice that is right for you and your family.

Disclaimer: The information displayed or views expressed on this website page is for educational purposes only and is therefore not intended as medical advise, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a health care professional if you may be experiencing symptoms or need health advise. Furthermore all information given or views expressed is not a guarantee of assured results but merely the usage of sharing general information and we encourage our readers to research on their own. 
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